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Absolute Security Force LLC
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 16 reviews
Jun 24, 2022
by Sophie Mullins on Absolute Security Force LLC
Thank You for Everything!

The professionalism of these guys is evident and instills in us the confidence that we are always safe with them. Very punctual and available 24/7, we know we can rely on them in all cases. Thanks!

Oct 1, 2020
by Susan Betts on Absolute Security Force LLC
Thank You for Protecting My Company

I want to protect my employees and clients in any way possible. The main reason why I trust their bodyguard company is that they have been making sure that all my assets are protected.

Sep 15, 2020
by Freyja Parker on Absolute Security Force LLC
Reliable Bodyguards

I need to hire a bodyguard for my daughter because she has been bullied outside of school numerous times now. I am thankful that I turned to the right company. Thank you very much!

Aug 18, 2020
by Johnny Rowe on Absolute Security Force LLC
Thank You for Keeping My Business Safe

As a business owner, I’ll do everything I can to protect my hard-earned investment. Their bodyguard services helped me protect my business. Right now, I got nothing to worry when it comes to safety and security.

Jul 19, 2020
by Julia Dougherty on Absolute Security Force LLC
Thank You for Protecting My Home

My home is my prized possession and I am afraid that my home will be robbed anytime soon. The residential security services of this company assured me that my house will be protected 24/7.

Jun 11, 2020
by Alan Lovell on Absolute Security Force LLC
Thank You for Protecting My Kids

As a mother of two young kids, me and my husband are busy with our jobs that is why we decided to hire them for their security service. I gained peace of mind because of their services.

May 26, 2020
by Douglas Y. King on Absolute Security Force LLC
Worth the Money

As a bodyguard company, you are certainly doing great. Your qualities are clearly seen with the level of training that you demonstrate. i will not hesitate to endorse you as a company when people ask me about who is the best in town. Thank you very much!

Apr 1, 2020
by Mary H. Carpenter on Absolute Security Force LLC
All Is Good With Your Presence

Your residential security service is top-notch and I'm not exaggerating. I feel safe with you in the corner, and I will continue to use your services, no matter what the crime statistics are. I do acknowledge a job well done and you certainly are doing yours well. Thank you for being so reliable. I will recommend, definitely.

Mar 3, 2020
by John T. Kelly on Absolute Security Force LLC
I Recommend

I recommend this company for bodyguard services, as they proved their worth in some unexpected situations. I would prefer that these didn't happen and yet I feel like justice was brought to the offenders. I'm very glad that I can rely on such powerful and responsible people. Don't miss the chance to take advantage of their services!

Feb 13, 2020
by Rochelle J. Fink on Absolute Security Force LLC
The Best Bodyguard in Town

Your job as a bodyguard deserves all the praise I can give. I know that it's a tough job, anything can happen, the training system is very demanding and your responsibilities are many. I need to give you the credits for my safety and here i am, writing a five-star review. And you have my thanks for your consistency.

Jan 6, 2020
by Rigoberto C. Nelson on Absolute Security Force LLC
Efficient and Reliable

Do you want an effective security service? Call these people. The company is exactly what you need if you need to be one step ahead of the burglars and the other criminals that want your things. Call them and let them provide you with the security you will enjoy. I've been working with them for a long time and I highly recommend them.

May 6, 2019
by Ray Kennedy on Absolute Security Force LLC

We hired this bodyguard company a few days back when we were going to a party. They were punctual, professional, and extremely great to work with. If you are going on some kind of event and you want to improve your safety, this is the company you should call.

Apr 18, 2019
by Debra White on Absolute Security Force LLC

The residential security service provided by this company is astonishing. They are easy going and friendly. I feel well protected when they are around me and I will contact them again if I need someone to make me feel safe.

Mar 21, 2019
by Clyde Vega on Absolute Security Force LLC
Great job!

I hired this company to provide us with bodyguard services while we were at a party. They were responsive to our requests, and we will definitely use their services again in the future. I am so happy that I will recommend them to anyone in need of protection!

Feb 4, 2019
by Lillie Newton on Absolute Security Force LLC
I am so happy!

I was looking for a residential security company and they did a great job! They gave us advice on how to solve our issues with our neighbor. I appreciate their professionalism and affordable prices. I will contact them again if I need experts to protect me.

Jan 13, 2019
by Edward Montgomery on Absolute Security Force LLC
Thank you!

I needed a security service for personal reasons and they were extremely professional. They are absolutely fantastic to work with! They are organized, easy to communicate with and just great to have around. They made me feel safe, and I am thankful for their services. I will recommend them to anyone in need!

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