Everything You Need to Know About Our Reliable Security Company!

Absolute Security Force LLC is a licensed and insured security company that provides reliable and affordable services. For more than 40 years in the business, we have dedicated and stood by our vision of a safe environment in the local communities of Dallas, TX and West Dallas TX. Our clients, both residential and commercial, trust our company since we provide them with a peace of mind that their property is secured.

Listed below are some of the security services Absolute Security Force LLC provides its clients in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. If you find yourself in need of one of them, don’t hesitate to contact us at (972) 833-6087 right away!

Security Guards

Are you in need of security guards for your business? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our guards are trained and experienced when it comes to maintaining a peaceful establishment. We spare no effort in having them equipped with tools and equipment for their safety. And if you have a wide area, you can also count on them to provide security patrol to ensure the safety of your establishment.

Security Solutions

Need something to keep your home safer? Our security solutions are the perfect solution! Our technical team can cover every angle of your property with equipment to guarantee everything is observed. In addition, we also provide an alarm systems installation for added security.

Private Investigation

Want someone to be followed and monitored? Apart from homes and businesses, we also provide private investigation services. Our investigation team gives their full attention to every project they undertake. And they are experienced so you can rest easy that they will do their best to meet your expectations.

The security of your property is important, not just for you, but also the people within the premises. Hence, you should never compromise! For an appointment or any questions about the security services we provide, give us a call right away!

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