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What Are the Different Kinds of Unarmed Security Guard Company Services?

Unarmed security guards can be found in numerous locations, including offices, retail outlets, recreational locales, and even banks. Most of them are employed by a

security guard company

, or directly by

the company or property they will protect. They could work in static or mobile details. The former means they work in just one area, the latter means they will perform active patrol in a building. The educational requirements for these positions do vary, however, most employers will look for a minimum of a high school education, and some states and countries will require more training and licensing.

In offices, unarmed security guards will use static and mobile details. A mobile officer will patrol a property and look out for any signs of theft, vandalism, fire hazards, or otherwise suspicious activities. They could also perform private policing by interviewing witnesses, testify in court and write up case reports.

Static unarmed security guards will spend most of their time at one station. Security guards such as these need to be personable and have excellent facial recognition skills. Their duties usually involve monitoring who enters and leaves a building. In places of high value or containing important information, these unarmed security guards will check credentials and vehicles that try to gain access to the building. People working as unarmed security in a bank or retail establishment or employed to prevent robberies or theft of merchandise.

An unarmed security guard working in recreational outlets such as casinos, museums, and sporting events, can often perform their own private policing and check tickets for people trying to gain entrance to an event. Which means they have to be sociable,

and aware of their surroundings. Unarmed guards that work in stadiums have both static and mobile details. There are stations where security guards are charged with collecting tickets and controlling traffic. If you are looking for a professional

security guard company

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